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When you have suffered a loss and need to make a claim, your immediate thought will be to inform your insurance company - but expert technical advice can make a real difference to the process and the outcome of your claim.

Insurers today require detailed claims calculations with comprehensive supporting documentation, which involves considerable knowledge and work. This is a time when you need to be concentrating your efforts on the recovery of your business, or rebuilding of your home, rather than servicing insurers' requirements. By using Towergate Assist you are free to concentrate on your priorities.

Towergate Assist supports you during the claims process by providing the services of an experienced independent loss adjuster within 24 hours. The loss adjuster will:

  • Make telephone contact within 2 hours of you reporting the loss to Towergate
  • Advise on loss mitigation from your perspective
  • Personally visit you within 24 hours of notification of major Losses
  • Manage all claims meetings and communications with Insurers
  • Source temporary accommodation, and get this agreed with insurer's representative
  • Supervise contractors as needed
  • Arrange interim payments from Insurers when necessary
  • Assist you in preparing a comprehensive statement of claim, and ensure this statement is fully substantiated
  • Negotiate with Insurers for the best settlement available in terms of the policy terms and conditions.
  • Hold your hand" from day one to settlement of the claim

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Risk Management Services

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As legislation becomes increasingly complex, the need to identify, assess and minimise hazards within any business is vital, if you are to address both your corporate and legal obligations.

A risk management strategy is key in terms of reducing threat within your business to an acceptable level, enabling you to control costs and protect stakeholder value. Without a risk management strategy in place your personnel, reputation and profitability may all be at risk.

Some risks are obvious while others lie undetected due to lack of awareness. By identifying and tackling key issues, costly mishaps can be reduced or even avoided. Furthermore, demonstrating effective risk management improves our ability to present your business to insurers and obtain best possible terms.

Towergate has gained a reputation as one of the leading independent brokers offering a fully integrated risk management service.

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Business Continuity Planning

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For most businesses, advance planning for the possibility of a catastrophe will determine whether they survive.

Many businesses collapse not because of a major disaster such as fire or flood but because of something as simple as the failure of a key piece of machinery.

The key component that marks out the survivors is a plan for disaster recovery or a business continuity plan.

Insurance cover

Business interruption insurance is only half the solution. While providing a financial safety net as a business recovers, an insurance claim or policy will not help recover lost customers, production time or essential data.

Towergate's business continuity planning service has been developed to offer much more than traditional insurance cover.

Utilising comprehensive analysis, Towergate identifies the actions needed to keep a business functioning should disaster strike.

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Towergate Financial

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Towergate Financial's regional independent financial advisory businesses are based throughout the UK. Our specialist advisers provide high quality advice and service directly to you. We have over 200 advisers including a number of chartered and certified financial planners with experience in a range of specialisms operating nationwide. Our advisers are supported by a highly motivated support network.

John Charcol, the specialist mortgage broker, is now part of Towergate Financial. We are part of the Towergate family and a subsidiary company to Towergate Partnership; Europe's largest independently owned insurance intermediary.

Towergate Partnership's success is founded on its ability to provide customers with exceptional products and service. This commitment to quality has enabled the organisation to acquire over 139 companies and employ around 4600 skilled staff in nearly 100 offices throughout the UK.

Corporate Clients

Unlike many other independent financial advisers, we really can offer you a complete financial planning solution. The breadth of the services offered by the Towergate Partnership allows us to source products and services from a wide range of trusted providers.

Becoming a client of Towergate Financial Corporate Solutions entitles you to a wide range of additional insurance and protection opportunities. In addition to employee benefit programmes we can help with protection of your business premises, your professional indemnity requirements. We can guard your senior management against employment law-related issues and much more.

With seamless implementation, Towergate Financial will create efficiencies in your employee benefits programme and help your staff access a first class product offering. We will also give your staff access to appropriate, relevant financial advice that will help keep them focused and motivated.

In turn, this will demonstrate your dedication to them and confirm your business as an enviable, ethical employer that is capable of attracting and retaining the highest calibre talent.

Our remuneration
Our remuneration structure is clear, fair and transparent. We have designed it to be sufficiently flexible to ensure that you receive the best possible service in the most cost effective way. We can be remunerated by fees or by payments from product providers. We will discuss the most appropriate remuneration structure with you before any commitment is made.

Our agreement with you
We will have a signed service agreement you which details the services we will provide and the agreed remuneration structure. The agreement will typically cover a three year service period with an option to give notice to end the relationship at anytime during this period (depending on the specifics surrounding the notice being given, a termination fee may apply).

Private Clients

We are committed to our private clients and our team has extensive experience of looking after and preserving the wealth of the family.

We advise on all aspects affecting the private individual and their financial affairs. We make sure that clients preserve their wealth by minimising the amount of tax payable, ensuring they are invested as advantageously as possible and that unforeseen events are provided for.

The services from our dedicated, highly experienced and qualified team include:

  • Reviewing and advising upon existing or new investment arrangements, including pensions.
  • Advising upon means of tax mitigation, especially Inheritance Tax.
  • Advising upon care home fees planning.
  • Arranging protection insurance to ensure unforeseen events do not adversely affect the family.
  • Arranging and rearranging mortgages and equity release.
  • A first consultation is always free-of-charge and we are happy thereafter to work on a fee basis, a commission basis or a combination of both.

Unlike many of our competitors, clients will not be faced with regular changes of Adviser; a dedicated member of our team who will continue to work with the client in the future.

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Towergate Travel

Open & Close has used its significant presence & buying power in the Travel Industry to offer you exclusive deals on all your holiday essentials.

We have negotiated competitive prices for anything from Travel Insurance to discounted rates for Airport Parking.

Airport Parking:

Safe, secure airport parking at all major airports, - prebook and save up to 60%.*

Car Hire

Our search engine compares prices from multiple car hire providers so you can pick the best or cheapest deal.

Car Breakdown

Get an instant quote and find out how much you could save.

Airport Lounges

Escape the airport crowds and enjoy the services of an executive airport lounge, from just £13.50.*

Car Hire Excess

Protect yourself from the excess on your holiday hire car from only £49 for a whole years cover.*

Airport Hotels

Outstanding hotel and parking packages available from just £50, enjoy a comfortable overnight stay and up to 8 days parking.*

Gadget Insurance

One policy can protect up to five of your gadgets plus a laptop if they breakdown or are stolen. Get an instant quote.

Towergate had either direct or indirect contact with over 9 million travellers over the last 12 months, so we know the importance of providing quality products at competitive prices. Our aim is to make what seems complicated uncomplicated therefore ensuring you enjoy your hard earned Holiday.

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*Subject to Qualifying Criteria and Insurer's Acceptance. Terms & Conditions apply.